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August 12, 2013

Alan Holland

Government Procurement Service (GPS) is part of the Efficiency & Reform Group in the Cabinet Office, connecting policy with delivery. A key priority for GPS is to provide procurement savings across the public sector in the U.K. and one main initiative supporting this aim is the CloudStore which was launched in 2012.

While the chief architects, Chris Chant and Denise McDonagh have since moved on, the CloudStore has been going from strength to strength ever since (although not quite at the level of expectation for many). However, as I have argued in my post Why G-Cloud is about to take off? most innovative propositions take some time to build up momentum, and achievements to date have been impressive given the wider context.

Some of the key aims of the G-Cloud framework were to drive greater efficiencies, enabling the public sector to procure more efficiently than before. The greater transparency also helps to ensure pricing remains competitive and it also ensures SME’s can participate on a more equal footing.

Other key customer benefits include:

(1) Using this framework agreement will help GPS deliver savings for the public sector and the taxpayer by aggregating spend to drive best value.

(2) The framework is fully EU compliant, saving customers the time and money associated with conducting their own procurement exercise.

(3) Through the competitive tender process and regular benchmarking, GPS ensures customers have access to the most competitive deals.

(4) Suppliers are carefully evaluated during the tender process and pre-agreed terms and conditions offer customers sound contractual safeguards.

On the basis of these aims,  G-Cloud has been an unqualified success to date.That said, a key aim moving forward will undoubtedly be to ensure greater volumes are procured through the CloudStore, something all stakeholders are key to facilitate.

As an SME with an innovative procurement solution we were wholeheartedly supportive of the initiative and like others firmly believe that it is simply a question of time in relation to the numbers using it.

About GPS

Government Procurement Service (GPS) is an executive agency of the Cabinet Office. It plays a vital role helping protect front-line services, delivering savings through its aggregated procurement solutions and managed services. In 2012-13 GPS delivered savings of £1.2bn against a managed spend of £11.4bn.

About Keelvar

Keelvar is a VC backed startup offering innovative procurement optimization software. Using clever algorithms Keelvar helps those procuring goods and services to obtain more efficient outcomes with typical savings in the region of 10% - 20% achievable.

Keelvar’s procurement optimization software is available on the Government Procurement Service (GPS) framework through the CloudStore.

Alan Gleeson is a Sales and Marketing consultant at Keelvar.

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