Keelvar World Tour 2017 - Dates Confirmed

August 3, 2017

Alan Holland

Zurich, Boston, Amsterdam...

Keelvar’s world tour continues with visits to Zurich, Carlsbad, Boston, Harvard, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and London.

World Tour

Next stops

We will be hopping between European and North American cities with a trip to Zurich first on the list. Then we hit the west coast of the US, then Boston and back to Europe for various cities. Some events are hosted by others whereas others are exclusively hosted by Keelvar.


  • Zurich: CIPS will host a seminar and we will speak alongside Johnson and Johnson and Chain IQ. It will cover advanced topics in Blockchain, Optimization AI and Sourcing Alliances.Carlsbad: Keelvar CEO will attend the SIG Summit so let us know if you’re attending and you can catch up with him there.
  • Boston: Join Keelvar with Pierre Mitchell to look at Adanced topics in AI and Sourcing Robotics.Harvard University: Keelvar CEO, Alan Holland, was invited to speak on the Theory and Practice of Combinatorial Auctions.
  • Amsterdam: Keelvar will speak at Boston Consulting Group’s European Procurement Roundtable event.Copenhagen: Keelvar customer, Siemens Gamesa and expert consultants will speak on their experiences with optimization and advanced topics in Sourcing Robotics.
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