Make SME Access to Local Government Procurement a Reality

November 6, 2013

Benjamin Jakobus

Dr Alan Holland of Keelvar will be presenting a break-out session at the upcoming SOPO conference in London (November 11, 2013). The break-out session will take place at 12.15 and the title of the workshop is 'Making SME Access to Local Government Procurement a Reality'.In the session Dr Holland will explore the challenges of delivering on the 25% aspiration set by the UK Government in ensuring greater Central Government procurement spend goes to SME's. The challenges for SME's engaging in procurement exercises are numerous; not least the time it takes to submit, the low perceived odds of success, and the fact that sometimes the procurement design can prohibit participation i.e. when tenders seek one overall supplier across a range of goods or services. However, as Dr Holland will illustrate the conditions to SME participation are lowering and the gap between the targets and SME success are destined to narrow further in the years to come.About SOPOThe Society of Procurement Officers in Local Government (SOPO) engages in a range of activities to promote its strategic purchasing, contracting and supplies functions. Representing over 2750 members, SOPO provides area networks and forums and produces guidance on best practice.

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