Webinar: Supply Chain Optimization – Uncovering Hidden Opportunities

June 26, 2020

Sinead O Donovan

Companies are currently facing many challenges in a rapidly-changing, disrupted market. In this 60 minute webinar, you will learn how to fully optimize your supply chain to maximize the return on your team's work processes.

We will discuss minimizing risk through contract optimization by looking at fixed versus flexible contracting.

Learn how you can empower your team with AI-powered strategic sourcing software, a future-facing technology that allows them to get optimal results for complex sourcing events such as road tenders.


1.  Introduction

2.  Contract optimization (fixed versus flexible)

3.  Tender result scenario analysis

4.  Q&A

Please contact Toby Hannon to request access to this webinar - t.hannon@keelvar.com.

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