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We've created an Excel sheet to help, the Autonomous Sourcing Priority Toolkit. Simply input details like category and spend to identify high-ROI areas. This tool is yours to use however you see fit, regardless of whether you wish to pursue Keelvar's Autonomous Sourcing or Sourcing Optimizer any further.

Interested in a custom bot or using our templates? We'll get you started with bots that are quick to deploy and will slash up to 90% of tactical work. Just ask our satisfied customers, Coca Cola and Nestle. Request a demo and our team will be in touch.  

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“As one of the early adopters of this AI Ocean Sourcing Solution with Keelvar, I can honestly say it’s been groundbreaking for us in the Coca-Cola System. We now have a structured digital solution to manage all our “Off Tender” requests, removing 100s of emails from our inboxes on a weekly basis.”

Alan Smith, Procurement Director - Global Logistics (CEPG), Coca-Cola

“With Keelvar, Mars now has a fit-for-purpose optimizer that we use to run large scale, complex sourcing events and autonomous sourcing which is built onto the optimizer and very intuitive. Our Associates can leverage AI to build and create events”

Sam de Frates, Vice President, Commercial for Europe, CIS & Turkey, Mars

“We've been using Keelvar since 2019 and currently have three different bots for three different categories. They are highly utilized with very happy users. There are two major things we look for and get with Keelvar. The first is usability and the ease of use for our users to initiate sourcing events. The second is to report, capture and track the data that comes out afterwards.”

Swaroopa Sahu, Senior Digitalization Specialist, Siemens