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Fulfillment Optimizer

Share your contracted rates with internal customers

Replace your Excel rate cards with Fulfillment Optimizer, a live digital rate card which is powered by Sourcing Automation. It's built to trigger and run sourcing events for your team, auto-populated with your current contracted rates.

Suitable for

Large enterprises
All industries
Ocean, Air, Packaging...
Replacement of Excel rate cards


Provide access to up to date, contracted lane rates across your organization with an easy to use, flexible search tool.

Guarantee optimized contracted rate usage with AI-powered alternative rate recommendations where contracted rates don't exist during searches.

Automatically trigger Sourcing Bots to engage the market for missing & expiring rates.

Learn More - "What is Fulfillment Optimizer?"


Steer micro-level usage of rates to optimize particular contracts to hit volume targets and trigger discount rules. Ensure your teams do not incur excess spend & high costs by limiting access to only current rates.


Remove reliance on suppliers to share your demand data with full audit logging and reporting throughout a contract period. Easy demand planning for future sourcing events.


Integrations with external systems ensure changes to market conditions automatically trigger live updates to rates for you. External data specific to a category can be accessed to inform of changing market conditions & when to go to market.

Key Features in Fulfillment Optimizer

Easy, intuitive user interface.

Powerful search options.

Customizable user permissions.

Intelligent rate recommendations.

Trigger sourcing events.

Auto-population of rate card with new rates.

Rate expiry warning

Live schedule information integration

Strategic utilization of demand data

Spend risk mitigation

Move Forward with the world’s fastest growing strategic sourcing platform and transform your sourcing process today.
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Protecting your data is Keelvar’s priority

Strict conformance with EU standards on data privacy

Data encrypted at rest & in transport to 256-bit AES Standard

Amazon Web Services [ EU (Ireland) - eu-west-1 ]

99.999% average yearly uptime record

Public key infrastructure options for enterprise customers

Your Solution

Keelvar designs the appropriate package for your requirements.

SaaS or Project based.

Self Service or Managed Events.

Training/ Enablement Package suited to your team.

Tutorial videos and materials for Users and Bidders.

Unlimited in-app assistance from Keelvar Support team.

Integrations with external systems.

Keelvar offers three products

Achieve unmatched efficiency

Move Forward with the world’s fastest growing strategic sourcing platform and transform your sourcing process today.
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