From drops in freight transportation capacity to difficulties in procuring materials, enormous strain has been placed on global supply chains in recent times. As Chief Procurement Officers and their teams grapple with where and how they can best derive new value and savings, Ardent Partners’ 16th annual State of Procurement and The CPO report shares key findings concerning procurement leadership challenges and how teams globally have been turning to technology for solutions.

Here, you can access both the full report and its corresponding on-demand webinar, during which Ardent Partners VP of research Christopher Dwyer was joined by Keelvar CEO Alan Holland to discuss the report highlights.

Learn more about Ardent Partners' findings from interviews with 350 procurement leaders including:

Why automation was named a #1 priority for CPOs and what benefits can be expected.
Technology adoption rates and plans, including for e-sourcing and sourcing optimization.
Benchmarking the gaps between best-in-class and average when it comes to spend that’s under management and competitively sourced.

CPO Rising 2021: The State of Procurement and the CPO

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