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Apr 2019

A new look and feel

The whole Keelvar app has gone through major re-branding to provide a fresh look as well as new color schemes to compliment upcoming features.

The next time that you log into app.keelvar.com, you will see that the app looks quite different: we started using our new logo and new colors.

Why did we do choose to rebrand? Today, Keelvar is at an important juncture as we are beginning to release new types of software applications that people will quickly realize are unique and highly differentiated.

Cost Function Updates

Within 'Design- Cost Calculation':

The result of a cost function can now be alphabetic rather than only numeric. This gives users the option of more expressive, contextualized feedback.

This is particularly useful for feedback purposes, such as creating formula columns that give automated responses. To give an example: If a Lot's weight is less than ten (10), the result is "Lot is too light".


Offline Bid sheets have been re-structured to allow bidders to use formulas in text columns for easy data input.

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