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Aug 2019

Enhanced Scenario Configuration

Within 'Scenarios- Evaluate':

It is now possible to copy rules between scenarios, that is, once you create a rule it can be used across any scenario. Previously, as a purchaser, it was necessary to create a rule from new, with every new scenario created.

In first access the scenario that contains the rule you wish to copy. Under the “Rule” tab, select “...” next to the rule you wish to copy. Select “Copy to”, and choose the scenarios that you wish to copy this rule to. This copied rule will appear under the “Rule” tab, within your selected scenarios.

This promotes quicker, easier scenario setup and configuration, further saving time and effort for the purchaser.

Improvements to the app login screen

Promoting accessibility, the log in page now features enhanced aesthetics with larger font, clearer messaging and cleaner contrasts.

New Message Alert via Email

From the moment a bidder has accepted an invitation to an event, they will now receive a notification email each time a message is sent to them via the messaging function within the app.

This email alerts the bidder to check their in-app messages for unread messages relating to the event.

This feature improvement has been added to help bidders avoid missing an in-app message in relation to an event, ensuring strong communication for optimized bidder participation and competition.

Notifications to Unsuccessful Bidders

Bidders that placed a bid during an event are now automatically notified that they were not successful in their bid, when a winning bid has been awarded at the close of a mini-tender. Previously, only the winning bidder was notified.

This change offers further transparency to an event, and allows bidders to learn immediately that their bid was unsuccessful.

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