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Dec 2018

Improved user management

Within 'Account Settings- Users':

Managing your organisation users has just become a whole lot easier with the new and improved user management screen. The screen now allows for much faster manual creation of users, supports search and filtering and allows for simpler user bulk creation via Microsoft Excel.

De-activating user accounts

Within 'Account Settings- Users':

Users can now independently deactivate and reactivate other users in their organisation. For example, if an employee leaves the company or changes role, they may no longer need access to the application. On the other hand, if they ever do need access again, the user can be reactivated

RFI gating question improvements

Within 'Design- RFI':

When users create a single choice, gating question without allocating a specific gating response, they are now blocked from publishing an event.  

Users do not want a supplier to have access to a bid sheet unless they agree that they have read a certain document (e.g. and NDA or T&C’s). By mistake, if no single choice is designated as the gating answer, this would negate the point of having a gating question. When the user tries to publish the event, they will now be blocked and shown an alert concerning the single choice, gating question.

RFI sub-questions bulk import

Within 'Design- RFI':

Users can now create sub-questions via excel/bulk import.

When creating or updating a large RFI, at times sub-questions are needed. This new feature saves time as compared to creating them via the UI. This is easy to configure, with a column called “Is sub question” is in the RFI excel file. Simply change the answer to Yes on the row you want to make a sub question. It will then be a sub question of the question preceding it.

Misc improvements and bug fixes

Our engineering team focused on a few small bug fixes and improvements – such as adding a back button to the surrogate bidding screen to allow for smoother navigation.

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