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Feb 2020

LCL Ocean Bot

Keelvar's Ocean bot has been enhanced and now supports automated sourcing of LCL rates.

Backed by a digital rate card containing your companies contracted rates, the Ocean bot can automatically go to market for FCL or LCL rates missing from the rate card.

A streamlined and automated bidding process results in missing rates added to the rate card and the requesting logistics user notified of the new rate.

Feedback Formulas Now Available to Purchasers

Within "Design -> Bid Sheet -> Columns"

The feedback formula is a new type of formula column that can use new functions to calculate values from all bidders on a lot e.g. average or rank.

If buyers wish to expose the results of the feedback formula, they can choose, on a per column basis, to make it visible to the supplier.

Whereas buyers could previously only give feedback on overall price or all in rate, they can now give it on any element of a bid.

SAP Ariba Integration Release v1

Available on the SAP® App Center

The Keelvar Sourcing Optimizer Connector connects SAP® Ariba® Sourcing with Keelvar Sourcing Optimizer, allowing customers to avail of the breadth of SAP Ariba and the depth of Keelvar in Sourcing.

Users can now benefit from the convenience of one unified event repository for master item data and comprehensive supplier management, while engaging the power of Keelvar’s optimization engine for expressive bidding and unlimited scenario analysis.

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