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Jan 2019

Improve visibility of failed bidder invitations

Within 'Invite- Bidders':

Users can now see failed bidder invitations clearly. Previously, users sometimes were unable to identify failed bidder invitations quickly. This improvement provides added visibility to instances where perhaps a large number if invitations are sent simultaneously. Inevitably, sometimes an invitation may fail for example due to a typo of an email address.

Now the user see a persistent message at the top of the screen when at least 1 invitation has failed. They can then filter for failed invites to try again, or to correct any typos that have been made.

Indicate which columns have restricted inputs on the column list

Within 'Design- Bid sheet- Columns'

Users can now quickly see whether any of the columns in the bid sheet have restricted input. Validating the columns of a large bid sheet can be difficult if users can’t see at one glance which columns have their restricted inputs. Now the user can choose whether this information is displayed for every column and review the bid sheet more efficiently.

Manage team members from within an event

Within 'Design- Overview- Manage Team':

To make team member management event easier, users can now manage their team from within the event itself. Previously this was only available from the home screen. Now users do not need to navigate back to the homescreen and find the correct event. Rather, a table has been added in  'Manage team' that shows which users are involved in the event, and which roles that are assigned.

Improved Bidder Activity view filters

Within 'Bid- Bidders':

Users can now filter the bidders list in the “Bidders Activity” view not just by bidder name, but also by the bidder’s email address. This adds speed for the user to this search function.

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