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Jul 2019

Filtering Bidder Online Status

There are a number of reasons why you may want a quick and easy view of bidders that are online or have been in the previous few minutes, and those who have not been online recently.

Perhaps you want to pause an event without disruption to too many bidders, or you want to hide those who have not been online recently. During the bidding phase of an event, under the “Bid” step, a list of all bidders is available in alphabetical order, along with the respective bidder stats.

You can now observe the activity of bidders within this view. By selecting “Online recently” (meaning online now or within the last few minutes) or “Offline” (more than 5 minutes) from the drop down menu, you can hide or view the relevant bidders according to the status of interest to you.This functionality gives you a quick view of those that are actively participating or competitive, while hiding those probably no longer bidding.

Inversely, filtering by suppliers who are not online and have not been online recently, means you can view and contact these suppliers quickly to encourage participation/ avoid absenteeism.

Advanced filtering across the app

Searching by filters is now more powerful and comprehensive within the app. Multiple filters can now be applied to the same field, meaning that now, instead of searching only by “and”, you can now search by “or”.

In the past, when applying two or more filters to the same field, the search result would have only included fields containing both filters. Therefore, the same filtering attribute couldnt be used more than once, as the search result would exclude everything that did not match both versions of the filter.

Now, it will look for results that match either or any of the filters. This means more powerful, comprehensive search capabilities.

To give an example: Within the “RFI” step, when searching for all RFI questions with filters ‘Mandatory’ , ‘Gating’, previously your search result would be 0 as only results that were ‘Mandatory’ AND ‘Gating’ would appear.

Now you can filter both with accurate results shown for ‘Mandatory’ OR ‘Gating’.

Aesthetic Improvements: Inclusive Design

Keelvar’s goal is to become inclusive and accessible for all users of the app.

The most recent stepping stone in this direction is ensuring clear colour contrasts are present for a comfortable user experience. Reach out to the team at support@keelvar.com for support or suggestions on how to further improve accessibility.

Faster, easier reporting: Lowest cost award column

At the conclusion of your event, reporting stands to be the most important next step. Keelvar works to actively strengthen this functionality each month. This month we have added a new column to the reporting section, making your results a little more transparent, stronger and robust.

Within the “Analyze” - “Scenario Analysis” step, you can now instantly see if the winning bid was the Lowest Cost bid, with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ listed within this column. The column will now be included in every bid summary report generated from the Scenario Analysis page.

This eliminates the need to manually crosscheck bids at the end of an event, giving you added insight into the winning bids.

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