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Jun 2019

New Product: Fulfillment Optimizer

Fulfillment Optimizer is an intelligent system for globally optimizing your businesses spend. It is a new product with a digital rate card capability at its core, that makes it easier for customers to leverage outcomes of Sourcing Optimizer and Sourcing Automation. It obviates the need to store Excel Rate cards on shared folders. It also becomes a subtle tool to steer volumes towards contracted rates that need higher volumes to attain contingent discounts or rebates.

Fulfillment Optimizer uses Sourcing Bots (Sourcing Automation) to automatically go to market for missing or expiring rates, and then automatically populates the rate card functionality with newly sources rates. This single live repository means greater internal alignment, faster sourcing and more strategic demand planning.

Unawarding Rounds

In the past, purchasers could not un-award the current round without support from Keelvar. This prevented them from independently going back or reverting changes. By clicking “Undo” inside “Winning Outcome” screen, users can now instantly un-award a round.

This enables the purchaser to re-evaluate, choose an alternative preferred scenario or even re-open the round.

Hiding Feedback Formulas

As a purchaser running an event, you may want to give a bidder feedback without exposing the formula you use to calculate this feedback. This new enhancement means purchasers can now include formula results in offline bid sheets, without the bidder seeing the formula.

For example, a purchaser wants to give bidders feedback based on a hidden historic price column. The purchaser would create a formula column to give feedback, using the hidden historical price column in the formula. This would ensure that neither the formula or values of the historical price are not shown to the bidder.

To confirm the formula is hidden, ensure Dynamically in Excel is unavailable under “Values will Update”

Further Updates

When creating an event, the continue button on each page now shows to which page you are navigating.

The “Bid” step in the navigation side-bar is now unlocked from the moment the event is created. It was formerly accessible only after publishing an event.

Global Reserve Feedback is a new setting in the form of a new column within the bid sheet. Although anonymous, this setting allows bidders to see when another bidder has bid under the reserve on a lot.

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