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Dec 2019

Option to remove Amber from Traffic Light Feedback

Within ‘Design- Event Settings’:

In some events, a purchaser may wish to only include red or green when providing traffic light feedback to bidders during an event.
Users can now remove/ exclude Amber from traffic light feedback. Under “Traffic Light Feedback” simply set the Amber value to be the same as the Green value.

Create Lot Group while editing scenarios

Within ‘Evaluate- Scenarios’:

While editing scenarios, purchasers may identify a need to create a new lot group. This is now possible, avoiding the need for the user to navigate away from Scenarios.
While editing a rule, under the heading of “on…”, select “Lots in Group”, and select “Create a new Group”.

Rename Lot Group within Lot Group edit page

Within 'Evaluate- Lot Groups’:

When editing a specific Lot Group, the name can now be changed from within the specific Lot Group view.  Previously, users needed to navigate to the Main Page of 'Lot Groups'. When an individual Lot Group is open, the user can click on the edit icon next to the name of the Lot Group, and adjust the name here.

Ocean Sourcing Bot: Notification Improvements

Within the top navigation bar, Sourcing Optimizer users see notifications by selecting the Bell symbol next to their username. For those also using a Sourcing Bot, notifications are now categorized.

Notifications from Sourcing Bots can be seen by selecting the Bot symbol next to the Bell symbol. All other notifications remain under the Bell symbol.This ensures easier access to relevant notifications and associated events.

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