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Nov 2018

Bidder Visibility

Within 'Invite- Bidders- Visibility':

Users can now choose to make particular lots visible to some suppliers, and not others.

The ability to switch on bidder visibility is a new feature designed to offer the option of giving bidders greater foresight of future rounds of bidding. The benefits of this approach is that your suppliers can prepare in advance and have better clarity for internal scheduling but also helps inform their strategy.

The removal of uncertainty is good when bidders are risk averse or excessively cautious in their approach.

Secondary Cost Functions

Within 'Design- Cost Calculations- Manage Secondary Calculations':

The design of Manage Secondary Calculations now aligns with the primary cost function. Users now enjoy the same intuitive user experience as the primary formula, thus delivering consistency in approach and flow.

Improvements to Bid Sheet

In order to enhance the bidders’ user experience, we have included some changes requested by customers to make bid sheet upload more user friendly including extend filter head to include first column and adding help text to the “Information” tab on how to insert rows & columns beyond black cell range.

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