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Oct 2019

Optional columns can now be mapped to roles

Within ‘Design- Bid sheet’:

Purchasers have the option to assign a role to a column, such as “Reserve” or “Historical Price”. This column no longer needs to be mandatory: a value does not need to be assigned to each lot within the column. This relaxation means, for example, that the user can map a column to a role in instances where they do not have complete historic price coverage.

Deleting Bidders during an Event

Within ‘Invite- Bidders’:

Bidders that have not participated in an event can now be deleted during an event. Simply select the select the three dots (“...”) next to the bidder, and select “Delete organisation”.

Improved user experience when creating lot groups

Within ‘Evaluate- Lot Groups’:

  • When creating or editing a Lot Group, users now benefit from auto-complete for quicker assigning of a value.
  • ‘Filtered results preview’: this now auto-updates when the user makes changes.
  • Lot Groups can now be copied. This enables the user to more quickly create additional Lot Groups. The ‘copy’ button can be found in the drop down menu next to ‘Edit’ within the Lot Group list.

Multiple Changes

Autopilot: Notifications

Where Autopilot is active for an event, a notification is now automatically sent to the user when autopilot reaches its last expected stage and therefore pauses itself towards the end of an event.

Offline Bid Sheet: Instructions for deleting lots

Instructions are now available for users who may want to delete existing lots within offline bid sheets prior to publishing an event. These instructions are found within the offline bid sheet Excel file.

Supporting documents improvements

Within ‘Overview’:

Purchasers can now choose to ‘drag and drop’ when uploading supporting documents. This allows for a quicker upload of documents. Reordering of supporting documents is now also enabled. This permits smoother upload and greater organization of supporting documents ensuring a cleaner view for both purchasers and bidders

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