September 2019 Release Notes

Keelvar's latest new features and key improvements.

Autopilot: Notifications

Where autopilot is active for an event, a notification is now automatically sent to the user when autopilot reaches its last expected stage and therefore pauses itself towards the end of an event. Previously users may have been unaware that autopilot had paused itself. 

This update provides added clarity and efficiency to users that utilise autopilot. 

Offline Bid Sheet: Instructions for deleting lots

Instructions are now available for users to independently delete existing lots within offline bid sheets. These instructions are found within the offline bid sheet Excel file. 

Prior to publishing an event, users may wish to modify or delete existing rows in their offline bid sheet. In order to further support the self-service user’s experience, the Keelvar team has added written instructions here, to enable users to quickly delete lots that may have been placed in the offline bid sheet in error or perhaps are no longer required.