Transform sourcing with intelligent benchmarking

Benefit from our collaboration with best-in-class benchmarking partners for a more streamlined, optimized supply chain.

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our benchmarking partners

Merging advanced sourcing with the world's largest dataset of real-time ocean and air freight rates

One-stop-shop for empowering strategic freight procurement

Integrating Xeneta's real-time market intelligence into Keelvar's optimization platform lets you compare freight costs to industry standards, find savings, and procure transport at the right price.

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Trusted and transparent container rates index

The Xeneta Shipping Index delivers the most in-depth and most accurate representation of the container freight market.

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Powerful optimization, backed by real time market intelligence

Eliminate bias and confusion and enhance negotiations. Make informed decisions with comprehensive visibility and real-time insights, driving your supply chain goals forward.

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How our integration with Xeneta benefits customers

Increase competition

Use benchmarks as targets to drive improved competition and price compression.

Streamline processes

Simplify your sourcing by automating and optimizing activities, reducing manual effort.

Identify cost savings

Pinpoint areas where you can reduce costs, improving your overall procurement efficiency.

Better visibility

Gain clear visibility into market rates and trends to better understand and navigate the freight market.

Improve decision-making

By leveraging real-time data and comprehensive insights, make more strategic decisions.

Enhance negotiations

With better bid feedback and optimized ask prices, strengthen your negotiation with carriers, leading to more effective deals.

Hear from our benchmarking partners

“The partnership with Keelvar brings an opportunity for added value to companies needing advanced sourcing as well as visibility in ocean and air freight procurement. Xeneta customers already benefit from a great solution, and this opens a greater insight into what will enable smarter decision-making across the entire value chain.”

Thorsten Diephaus, VP Strategic Alliance, Xeneta

Sourcing Optimization

Drive better sourcing outcomes for strategic spend

Ocean & Air Freight Analytics

Real-time market intelligence to optimize rates