Success Story

Mars Achieves Impressive Savings In Complex Events

Mars was seeking to optimize their challenging tenders but was struggling internally with adoption of their existing tool. The company turned to Keelvar to deliver powerful digital transformation initiatives and make it easier for internal teams to build and create complex sourcing events.

A Close Partnership With Impressive Metrics

Mars was undergoing an internal digital transformation initiative, which required the digitization of procurement. However, Mars was limited by its existing sourcing optimization tool as it was not user-friendly and people were reluctant to use it.

Keelvar’s solution was exactly what Mars was looking for, and the partnership has resulted in some impressive metrics. Mars had a base level aim to create 75 events during the first year of using Keelvar, but this was more than doubled to 150-160 events. Mars also has around 300 users set up, and at least half of them have used the Sourcing Optimizer in one way or another. Previously, it took the Mars team four days to build an RFP, but now, with the adoption of Keelvar it takes just four hours to build the RFP for its entire European road freight.

The adoption of Keelvar has resulted in massive savings for Mars and through the automation of some of the simpler tasks, it has freed teams up to engage in more strategic work, driving more positive impact. This in turn has had a positive knock-on effect with rising employee satisfaction and retention.

300 users

In Keelvar's platform

160 events

Using Sourcing Optimizer in the first year

The working relationship between Mars and Keelvar is close, positive, and ongoing. With daily communication and a shared goal of success, Keelvar is proud to work with such a great customer.

“We’ve got this awesome Optimizer that we use to run large scale, complex sourcing events. But then we’ve also got the autonomous sourcing piece of it now, which is built onto the Optimizer, so you don’t even have to train the teams to use it. You now have a bot do all the work of building and creating the events for you.” - Sam de Frates, Vice President, Commercial – Europe, CIS & Turkey, Mars

Discover how optimization and automation are making an impact in this overview of Mars' practical approach with Keelvar:

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