Indirect sourcing optimization and automation

With a focus on usability, adoption, and scale, Keelvar helps orgnizations optimize indirect material spends than ever before to help their indirect material procurement process.


Better sourcing outcomes for indirect materials

The amount of spend for sourcing different indirect materials can vary from very high to almost negligible. For larger categories of spend, Keelvar Sourcing Optimizer helps you uncover more savings. For lower value spend or urgent needs, Keelvar Autonomous Sourcing enables employees to source themselves while maintaining compliance.

Keelvar helps indirect materials buyers with automation and optimization that delivers

Ease of event creation

Event auto-piloting

Flexible bid data collection

Supplier bid data validation

Traffic light feedback

Robust cost modeling

Award scenarios reviews

Speedy spot buys

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Why Keelvar for indirect materials sourcing?


Handle everything from spot bids to large RFPs with 100s of SKUs, 10K+ suppliers and millions of bid data.

Automation for spot buys

Enable end users to source directly from suppliers for spot buys with automate sourcing bots.

Efficiency and tracing

Boost agility by conducting a range of indirect material events quickly, with intuitive reporting.

Decision quality

Reduce supply chain risk with price and non-price bid analysis for better decision-making.

The right solution

Get more advanced and user-friendly features not found in an ERP, P2P or generic e-sourcing tool.


Easily integrate with other upstream and downstream systems via API.

Indirect materials sourcing complexities get optimized

Keelvar helps indirect materials buyers make optimal decisions given a range of category-driven price and non-price inputs.

Wide-ranging supplier options

Types of suppliers by item

Alternative materials and specifications

Sustainable & CSR sourcing factors

Varying units of measure

Varying minimum order quantities

Varying capacity constraints by location

Discounts by volume and bundled offers

Geographical coverage

Supplier preferences (by plant, item, etc)

Contract term options

Size of spends: tactical, strategic or tail spend

Success stories
What our customers say about us

“Keelvar makes processes that are complex, simple, so you can easily follow them, and you can easily go through the checkpoints, so you’re sure you’re not going to make a mistake. It’s like having a second pair of eyes checking everything you’re doing, but in a smart way that unlocks more value for strategic events.”

Radu Panciuc, Contracts & Innovation Manager - Samsung

“We’ve got this awesome Optimizer that we use to run large scale, complex sourcing events. But then we’ve also got the autonomous sourcing piece of it now, which is built onto the Optimizer, so you don’t even have to train the teams to use it. You now have a bot do all the work of building and creating the events for you.”

Sam de Frates, Vice President, Commercial – Europe, CIS & Turkey, Mars

“We figured out a better way to do these larger events. And because the bids weren’t so painful, we were able to go more frequently. So we started to do many more events throughout the course of the year.”

Basil Weaver, Director of Supply Chain Solutions and Analytics, CJ Logistics America

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