Drive better sourcing outcomes for strategic, tactical and tail spend

All industries, all categories, one easy to use tool



Simplify the complex and automate the simple across all of your sourcing

Unlock more value from strategic events as well as manage more of the tactical and tail without increasing resources.

Scale sourcing excellence
Optimize strategic spend
Automate tactical and tail spend

Sourcing optimization for complex and large tenders

Enable the sourcing team to easily address the complexities of large tenders with thousands of line items and hundreds of bidders. Launch strategic RFPs quickly and efficiently and award on total value, not just price.

Sourcing Optimizer

Autonomous sourcing for simple, repetitive, ad-hoc tenders

Empower all users in your organization, not just the sourcing team, to source more effectively with automated workflows for lower value business buying. Automate simple spot and ad-hoc events as well as the more complex tactical initiatives.

Autonomous Sourcing

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Helping global procurement teams drive better sourcing outcomes for $100bn+ in spend annually


cost savings


workload automation


reduction in rogue spend


improved supplier relationships

All categories. All industries. One sourcing solution

Flexible sourcing solutions for multiple industries

Get a flexible and customizable sourcing solution that caters to the unique needs of your industry. Our user-friendly platform has helped companies like Siemens, Coca-Cola and Samsung streamline their sourcing processes, saving time and costs.

Extend sourcing excellence to more spend categories

Keelvar's sourcing solutions accommodate different sourcing requirements for each spend category, supporting all levels of complexity. From strategic annual events to reactive spot bidding and mini-tenders, adopt a category-by-category approach to get the best results.

Helping you achieve your strategic goals

Whether you want to digitalize procurement, source more sustainably, adjust to market volatility, or shift your market pricing strategy, we're here to help. Our white-glove service ensures that you receive the personalized attention and support you need to succeed.

Achieve measurable impact
across your entire organization

Save up to 25% cost

Scale events to a greater number of suppliers and spend. Encourage competition with real-time bid feedback. Unlock bundle discounts and offers with instant scenario modelling.

Increase speed and efficiency

Launch RFPs in minutes for faster cycle times. Automate up to 100% of manual tasks, such as bid invites and validation of supplier data, and reduce time to award to just weeks.

Make more informed award decisions

Model award scenarios in seconds with more data at a greater scale. Balance decisions against cost, risk and total value. Easily share scenario reports with key stakeholders.

Improve supplier engagement

Empower bidders to play to their unique strengths. Allow suppliers to offer non-price considerations, alternative bids and discount packages.

Increase job satisfaction and reduce burnout

Focus your team on strategic work by automating up to 100% of manual tasks. Stop firefighting by empowering business users to self-serve while still maintaining governance.

Reduce maverick spend

Increase governance over spend with self-service sourcing. Empower business users to source lower value spend with automated workflows that follow best practice.

Success stories
What our customers say about us

“With Keelvar, Mars now has a fit-for-purpose optimizer that we use to run large scale, complex sourcing events and autonomous sourcing which is built onto the optimizer and very intuitive. Our Associates can leverage AI to build and create events”

Sam de Frates, Vice President, Commercial for Europe, CIS & Turkey, Mars

“As one of the early adopters of this AI Ocean Sourcing Solution with Keelvar, I can honestly say it’s been groundbreaking for us in the Coca-Cola System. We now have a structured digital solution to manage all our “Off Tender” requests, removing 100s of emails from our inboxes on a weekly basis.”

Alan Smith, Procurement Director - Global Logistics (CEPG), Coca-Cola

“We've been using Keelvar since 2019 and currently have three different bots for three different categories. They are highly utilized with very happy users. There are two major things we look for and get with Keelvar. The first is usability and the ease of use for our users to initiate sourcing events. The second is to report, capture and track the data that comes out afterwards.”

Swaroopa Sahu, Senior Digitalization Specialist, Siemens

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