How System Reliability & Support Fuel Keelvar's Success

Dylan Alperin

August 16, 2023

Reliability and service levels are essential factors for any successful enterprise, not to mention those that are focused on helping businesses navigate choppy supply chain waters and constantly fluctuating markets. 

Customers have come to rely on our services with confidence, knowing that their critical operations will remain uninterrupted, enabling them to meet their goals efficiently and maximize their potential.

One key aspect of Keelvar's commitment to reliability and service levels is our transparency. Our Sourcing Optimizer platform provides real-time updates on our system's performance through, allowing our customers to track uptime, maintenance schedules, and any potential issues. This not only builds trust but also demonstrates Keelvar's accountability and dedication to customer success.

Maintaining an outstanding track record of system uptime is a cornerstone of our success at Keelvar. On industry benchmarks, we average 30 minutes for the first reply and achieve a 99% Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT).

Our platform boasts an impressive track record of 100 releases in the past month with 0 downtime releases, resulting in an astounding success rate of 99.9%+. Whether it's weekends or late nights, customers can rely on Keelvar to deliver uninterrupted service, ensuring their operations run smoothly around the clock.

Of course, in the fast-paced world of sourcing technology, issues can arise unexpectedly. When Keelvar customers do run into issues, the answers are at their fingertips—95% of support guide searches result in accurate and correct articles, while 83% of searches result in issues being solved without contacting support.

Whether it's weekends or late nights, customers can rely on Keelvar to deliver uninterrupted service, ensuring their operations run smoothly around the clock

However, our dedicated professional services team is always ready to assist customers with any queries or challenges they may face. Keelvar scores a near-perfect 10, while competitors average in the 7-8 range. Our team goes above and beyond to deliver white-glove service, resolving issues swiftly and effectively.

To top it off, Keelvar boasts a dedicated professional services team that provides top-notch support to our customers, including former directors of sourcing, analysts from top consultancies, and software consultants from B2B enterprise leaders. From simple password resets to tackling the most intricate scenario analysis issues, these team members handle it all with expertise.

What sets our services apart is our direct involvement with Keelvar clients, working hand in hand to flawlessly execute sourcing events. Unlike outsourcing to third-party call desks, Keelvar's team is composed of in-house experts who engage with clients daily, even on the most complex projects.

Notably, this same group takes responsibility for addressing support tickets from bidders, buyers, and suppliers, completely relieving customers of functional and technical concerns. With Keelvar's team at the forefront, clients can focus on their events with complete confidence and without the need to deal with technical questions from bidders. This seamless and comprehensive professional support ensures a stress-free experience for all.

In conclusion, Keelvar stands as a dependable partner for businesses seeking reliability and exceptional service in their sourcing endeavors. If you want to witness firsthand the prowess of our solutions and experience our white-glove support, contact us today for a demo.

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