Keelvar for tech sourcing

Join leading companies like Microsoft, Samsung and Flex who are driving better technology sourcing outcomes with Keelvar.


Unlock more value from strategic events and manage more of the tactical and tail

Enable your sourcing team to create and execute even the most advanced sourcing projects and empower the rest of your organization to easily launch sourcing events themselves through simple, automated workflows.

Why Keelvar for tech sourcing

Increase cost savings by 3-25%

Automate up to 90% of workload

Balance cost, risk & total value

Improve supplier relationships by up to 47%

Reduce rogue spend

Increase adoption by up to 50%

Where technology are using Keelvar today

Transport & logistics

For all modes of transportation including trucking, rail, ocean FCL and LCL, road, air and parcel.


Streamline service buying from sub-contractors, temp labor, marketing and more.


For primary, secondary and tertiary packaging, branded and unbranded.


Quickly launch spot buys for additional storage capacity or urgent needs.

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Samsung upgraded to Keelvar Sourcing Optimizer from Excel and launched their largest-ever ground freight event in just two weeks.


Time saved building, running and evaluating eRFQs

Features and highlights

Some of the reasons why technology companies use Keelvar to help scale sourcing excellence across strategic, tactical and tail spend.

Rapid event creation

Flexible supplier bidding options and feedback

Scalability to handle large, complex events

Proactive bid validation and auto-piloting

Robust, easy scenario modelling and awarding

Customizable, visual dashboards and reports

Category flexible automated sourcing bots

Creation of automated sourcing bots in 1 hour

Technology sourcing success stories
What our customers say about us

“Keelvar makes processes that are complex, simple, so you can easily follow them, and you can easily go through the checkpoints, so you’re sure you’re not going to make a mistake. It’s like having a second pair of eyes checking everything you’re doing, but in a smart way that unlocks more value for strategic events.”

Radu Panciuc, Contracts & Innovation Manager - Samsung

“The promise of savings since the beginning was very important for us to gain adoption, and that promise was very well fulfilled since the first event.”

Carlos Peña, Digital Procurement Leader - Grupo Nutresa

“We've been using Keelvar since 2019 and currently have three different bots for three different categories. They are highly utilized with very happy users. There are two major things we look for and get with Keelvar. The first is usability and the ease of use for our users to initiate sourcing events. The second is to report, capture and track the data that comes out afterwards.”

Swaroopa Sahu, Senior Digitalization Specialist - Siemens

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