Unlock seamless procurement efficiency with Integrations

Integrate Keelvar with all of your procurement tech stack to improve workflow efficiency, build best practices, and get data integrity.

Real-time data synchronization

Flexibility for all tech stacks, and all organizations

Guaranteed data security

Focus on strategic rather than administrative tasks


Trigger sourcing events from your upstream systems, reducing workload. Export award, bid, or event data into downstream systems for better reporting, governance and visibility.

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Drive better sourcing outcomes

Leverage all of your data by making it flow seamlessly from one system to the next, from procure to pay. Enrich your sourcing events through integrations with best-of-breed partners (e.g. benchmarking, sustainability).

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Build in best practices, then scale

Set up the correct integrations once to enforce structure. Subsequent events or requests are guaranteed to be compliant, and follow best-practice.

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Improve user experience

Drive usage of all your systems by removing the hassle of importing and exporting data from one system to the next. Remove opportunities for human error and manual handling of data. No training required.

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Success stories
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“Keelvar makes processes that are complex, simple, so you can easily follow them, and you can easily go through the checkpoints, so you’re sure you’re not going to make a mistake. It’s like having a second pair of eyes checking everything you’re doing, but in a smart way that unlocks more value for strategic events.”

Radu Panciuc, Contracts & Innovation Manager - Samsung

“Keelvar is a very user-friendly, simple system, with a lot of powerful things integrated into one solution. The success is the data transparency and the structured way of the process”

Steffen Decker, Senior Director of Sourcing Excellence - KK Wind Solutions

“We figured out a better way to do these larger events. And because the bids weren’t so painful, we were able to go more frequently. So we started to do many more events throughout the course of the year.”

Basil Weaver, Director of Supply Chain Solutions and Analytics - CJLA

“Interaction with our suppliers is all within Keelvar's tool. Two years from now when we go back into this year's event,  all the details will be in there. Everything that you need to know about that event is captured in one place.”

Sheila Lopez, Sr. Manager Sourcing Analytics, Stanley Black & Decker

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