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CJLA Streamlines Transport Sourcing with an Agile Strategy

Streamlining transportation sourcing can be challenging when dealing with fluctuations in rates, cargo bottlenecks, and shipping delays. By partnering with Keelvar, CJ Logistics America (CJLA) was to leverage technology that allowed them to go to market quickly and get better results.

Gaining Advantages By Going Quickly To Market

Prior to partnering with Keelvar, CJLA’s procurement practices were very manual, spreadsheet-based, time-consuming, and slow. It took months to execute a large procurement event, which led to avoidance of such events altogether. With 78 customers for transportation management and more than 50 RFPs, the company has to think about a lot of stakeholder opinions and technology platforms when running procurement events.

By partnering with Keelvar, they were able to streamline the administrative aspects of bidding, making it easier for them to respond to procurement events. This allowed them to capture advantages quickly, whether the curve was trending up or down, thus creating a win-win strategy for both the company and their suppliers.

Since implementing sourcing optimization, CJLA has seen revenue growth and more value for their customers. Thanks to the technology, the customer was able to see value in large events that were once too cumbersome to manage and go to market more frequently.

300 users

In Keelvar's platform

160 sourcing events

Using Sourcing Optimizer in the first year

By following a Dynamic Market Sourcing strategy CJLA is able to run many more events throughout the course of the year that cater to tight and soft markets, and capture value when the time is right.

“We figured out a better way to do these larger events. And because the bids weren’t so painful, we were able to go more frequently. So we started to do many more events throughout the course of the year.”- Basil Weaver, Director of Supply Chain Solutions and Analytics, CJLA
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