Sourcing optimization that drives better outcomes in strategic spend

Increase cost savings, efficiency and buyer and supplier engagement with more competition, more data, and faster cycle times.

Sourcing Optimizer is for:

Any category of spend and any industry

Enterprise and mid-sized global customers

If you still use email and spreadsheets for sourcing

If you struggle with adoption of legacy sourcing optimizers

Make better sourcing decisions with sourcing optimization

Go beyond cost focus

Enable sourcing teams to go beyond simple supplier award decisions based only on a lowest-cost model. Buyers can collect a wide range of price and non-price information from suppliers and analyze different award scenarios based on that criteria and other constraints.

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Manage sourcing projects of any size

Strategic sourcing projects require large amounts of data. A transport event can involve thousands of line items and hundreds of carriers. Packaging and MRO events have hundreds of SKUs. Easily collect and analyze even the largest data sets.

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Support supplier collaboration and flexibility

All suppliers are different. For suppliers to offer the their best bids you need to allow them to bundle items, create conditional discounts and even submit alternative bids. This will help you collaborate with suppliers to maximize value.

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Driving better sourcing outcomes in every category and industry


Cost avoidance in technology


Extra savings in packaging


Time saved in manufacturing


savings in retail

Customers maximizing value with Sourcing Optimizer

Sourcing optimization highlights

Streamline your sourcing processes

Drive adoption with easy-to-use features for flexible sourcing event design, event lifecycle management, supplier views and award analysis.

Save up to 85% of time on events

Improve the efficiency of sourcing events with automated data cleansing, rapid event design and AI-driven bid sheet configuration.

Leverage your suppliers' expertise

Allow suppliers to submit alternative, off specification bids to leverage supplier know-how and innovation.

Cut costs by up to 25%

Create more savings by increasing competition with real time bid feedback to suppliers that lets them know their relative competitiveness.

Sourcing Optimizer features

Drive higher adoption with a user-friendly UI

Keelvar Sourcing Optimizer has an easy-to-use interface that requires no coding or advanced mathematical skill to use. It features event progress visualization that shows you where you are in the sourcing process.

Get the best from suppliers with flexible bidding

Suppliers can provide conditional discounts, create item bundles and submit alternative bids. Bids can be entered manually or uploaded via Excel. Bidders are provided fast feedback on bids by showing traffic light rating or rank.

Optimize decisions with scenario analysis

Create as many scenarios as you need. Model business constraints and factor in costs for sustainability, risk management and more. Evaluate complex supplier discount setups. All without any need for coding.

Maximize competition through multi-round RFQs

Drive competition by running multiple rounds of RFQs while providing feedback (traffic light rating or rank) to suppliers about their relative competitiveness.

Negotiate effectively with E-auctions

Keelvar supports reverse auctions that enable suppliers to bid against each other in spend categories where requirements are easy to define and quantify.

Sourcing optimization success stories
Check out what our customers say

“Keelvar makes processes that are complex, simple, so you can easily follow them, and you can easily go through the checkpoints, so you’re sure you’re not going to make a mistake. It’s like having a second pair of eyes checking everything you’re doing, but in a smart way that unlocks more value for strategic events.”

Radu Panciuc, Contracts & Innovation Manager - Samsung

“Keelvar is a very user-friendly, simple system, with a lot of powerful things integrated into one solution. The success is the data transparency and the structured way of the process”

Steffen Decker, Senior Director of Sourcing Excellence - KK Wind Solutions

“We figured out a better way to do these larger events. And because the bids weren’t so painful, we were able to go more frequently. So we started to do many more events throughout the course of the year.”

Basil Weaver, Director of Supply Chain Solutions and Analytics - CJLA

“Interaction with our suppliers is all within Keelvar's tool. Two years from now when we go back into this year's event,  all the details will be in there. Everything that you need to know about that event is captured in one place.”

Sheila Lopez, Sr. Manager Sourcing Analytics, Stanley Black & Decker

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