Success Story

KK Wind Solutions Optimize Direct Materials Sourcing

A Denmark-based leader in manufacturing electro-mechanical systems for wind turbines, KK Wind Solutions adopted Sourcing Optimizer and was able to build stronger data foundations and reduce manual work – all while securing strong direct material sourcing results for the business.

From Spreadsheets to Sourcing Optimization

KK Wind Solutions’ original setup in Microsoft Excel for handling direct material bids had been inefficient and lacked transparency. The Global Sourcing function was relying on manually maintained RFP/RFQ templates, and employees were responsible for sending their own emails and conducting phone calls with suppliers. The company wanted to build stronger data foundations, reduce manual work, and improve their reporting through a scalable solution that could support their growth for many years to come.

KK Wind Solutions adopted Keelvar’s Sourcing Optimizer, which allowed the team to be ready for negotiating with suppliers “in just a few clicks”. The tool’s traffic light feedback kept suppliers automatically updated on where their bids ranked.

The system’s centralized and transparent data allowed KK Wind Solutions to monitor progress and performance in real-time, making real-time data the key metric to measure the productivity and performance of supplier negotiations.

+400 suppliers

across direct and indirect category

~ 2000-2500

RFQs annually

Overall, Keelvar's solution resulted in increased efficiency and effectiveness to support sourcing excellence.

“Keelvar is a very user-friendly, simple system, with a lot of powerful things integrated into one solution. Our success here is the data transparency, and the structured way of the process.” - Steffen Dencker, Director of Sourcing Excellence, KK Wind Solutions.
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