Advanced sourcing for SAP Ariba customers

Keelvar’s Sourcing Optimizer directly integrates with SAP Ariba via an API, allowing SAP Ariba customers to seamlessly add optimization and automation to their large or complex spends.


An ideal compliment to SAP Ariba backed by powerful optimization

Use Keelvar alongside SAP Ariba to handle sourcing events where optimization can deliver a higher ROI. Find new opportunities for savings and risk reduction through more competitive bidding and awarding. Manage all event and supplier data in one  location.

How the integration works

As an SAP Application Extension Partner, Keelvar's Sourcing Optimizer directly integrates with SAP Ariba via API, ensuring seamless data flow from SAP Ariba Sourcing to Keelvar.

Sourcing Optimizer integrates directly via SAP Ariba's API. Buyers trigger the desired sourcing event in SAP Ariba and send it to Keelvar for event creation, bid collection, bid optimization, and award scenario analysis. Award decision and data is sent to SAP Ariba Contracting for downstream processing.

Customers use Keelvar Sourcing Optimizer with SAP Ariba to:

Achieve greater efficiency

Reduce cycle times and handle strategic, high value spend categories with ease.

Overcome tool constraints

Optimize sourcing events where Excel spreadsheets or legacy eSourcing tools fall flat.

Boost visibility into sourcing activities

Achieve visibility and greater control over procurement processes.

Onramp to automation

Gain smart automation features that enhance e-sourcing workflow and efficiency.

Scale sourcing processes

Overcome event size limitation with scalability to handle large, complex events.

Increase competition and savings

Beat competitors, boost savings and improve the quality of sourcing award options.

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Driving sourcing optimization worldwide with Keelvar and SAP Ariba

"Customers wanted solutions that would talk to each other. The partnership between Keelvar and SAP Ariba allows SAP customers to effortlessly combine both tools' strengths." - Alan Holland, Founder & CEO of Keelvar

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Keelvar is the top sourcing optimization platform on the market that directly integrates with SAP Ariba. Learn how SAP Ariba customers can easily add optimization and automation to their large or complex spends.

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Keelvar with SAP Ariba can transform your businesses sourcing function, delivering the optimization, coordination and automation you need to maximize value, protect against volatility and build more resilient supply chains. Learn more in this insighful eBook.

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