Easily add sourcing optimization and automation to large or complex spends

Customers can use Keelvar alongside SAP Ariba Sourcing to handle complex spend categories or sourcing events where optimization can deliver higher ROI and find new opportunities for savings and risk reduction through more competitive bidding and awarding. As an SAP Application Extension Partner, Keelvar is the top sourcing optimization platform on the market that directly integrates with SAP Ariba.

Download this data sheet to gain in-depth details about using Keelvar & SAP Ariba:

  • How this solution combination leads to significantly more spends strategically sourced.
  • A four-point decision framework on when to use Keelvar Sourcing Optimizer or SAP Ariba.
  • The integration flow diagram and how to get started.

Download the SAP Ariba Sourcing & Keelvar Integration datasheet today