Automate 100% of your tactical and tail spend with Autonomous Sourcing

Get complete visibility over all spend, save time, and increase cost savings with workflows that execute best-practice sourcing, automatically.

Extend your reach with autonomous sourcing

Automate 100% of the tender process

Bring more spend under governance

Increase competitive bidding for smaller buys

Extend sourcing best-practice to the entire business

Why use Autonomous Sourcing?

Automate low-value, high-volume, repetitive sourcing tasks. This reduces manual workload for requesters and procurers alike and gives procurement teams improved governance and visibility into all spend.

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Automate the sourcing of tactical and tail spend

Remove manual sourcing of lower value spot buys

Automate 100% of the tender process with easy-to-build workflows. Intake, event creation, supplier selection, bid collection, analysis and award can all be executed without human intervention.

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Drive savings by ensuring competitive bidding

Automating doesn’t mean compromising on savings. Workflows ensure a compliant and competitive bidding process, so you can reach the best sourcing outcome even in markets where relying on historical data can be risky.

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Integrate into any upstream and downstream systems

Autonomous Sourcing integrates with all your upstream and downstream systems. Leverage your data, minimize training, and drive exponential value from your tech stack.

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Empower business users to source like experts

Assign workflows to business users so they can request sourcing events for approved suppliers to bid. No training required for them, no more rogue spend, and more visibility and control for you.

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Customers extending their reach with Autonomous Sourcing

Autonomous Sourcing highlights

Remove 100% of workload

Automate the tender process for lower value and urgent spend and free your sourcing team to focus on strategic work.

Automate sourcing for any category

Easily create custom built automated workflows for any category based on its specific requirements with our workflow builder.

Create once, use often

Once built, each workflow can be used again and again, ensuring best practice is applied throughout the business.

Improve compliance

Because these workflows are custom built per category, approvals can be set as needed and remain with the sourcing team to ensure proper controls.

How it works

Outline the information needed to trigger the sourcing event request, or the event creation. Intake can either be completed manually via a form, or fully automated and triggered via any upstream system.

Add approval or conditional steps where required, select which suppliers should be considered for this type of request and which ones should be automatically selected.

Assign the workflow to the relevant users who will need to run that type of sourcing request.

Integrate with any upstream and downstream systems via API to ensure all systems are connected and data flows easily.

Autonomous Sourcing features

Increase usage with easy-to-use intake forms

End users can launch events by completing simple intake forms that require all the necessary information for suppliers to bid. No more, no less.

Automatic supplier selection

The bot automatically selects the suppliers that should participate in the sourcing event.

The bot creates the sourcing event

Once approved, the bot automatically creates the bid sheet and any questions needed.

Automated supplier communication

The bot sends invites to the suppliers, monitors the activity and reminds suppliers as necessary.

Recommended award

The bot automatically recommends award based on suppliers bids.

A visual dashboard gives a complete view

Keelvar Autonomous Sourcing features a dashboard with rich reporting and supports export of data to your system of choice.


Build and launch automated workflows in minutes

Driving better sourcing outcomes for every industry and category


tasks automated in manufacturing


events automated in food & beverage


fewer calls to procurement in Direct Materials


hours saved in technology

Success stories
What our customers say about us

“We've been using Keelvar since 2019 and currently have three different bots for three different categories. They are highly utilized with very happy users. There are two major things we look for and get with Keelvar. The first is usability and the ease of use for our users to initiate sourcing events. The second is to report, capture and track the data that comes out afterwards.”

Swaroopa Sahu, Senior Digitalization Specialist, Siemens

“We’ve got this awesome Optimizer that we use to run large scale, complex sourcing events. But then we’ve also got the autonomous sourcing piece of it now, which is built onto the Optimizer, so you don’t even have to train the teams to use it. You now have a bot do all the work of building and creating the events for you.” 

Sam de Frates, Vice President, Commercial – Europe, CIS & Turkey, Mars

“As one of the early adopters of Keelvar’s AI sourcing solution, I can honestly say it’s been groundbreaking for us in the Coca-Cola system. We now have a structured digital solution to manage all our “Off Tender” requests, removing 100s of emails from our inboxes on a weekly basis.”

Alan Smith, Procurement Director - Global Logistics (CEPG), Coca-Cola

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