Procurement leaders must follow the courage of their convictions as they start to reframe a ‘new normal.

Keelvar is a proud sponsor of Ardent Partners’ 17th annual report on the plans and priorities of leading procurement organizations: CPO Rising 2022. This Chief Procurement Officer themed report features insights on the management strategies and tactics of 369 procurement leaders globally as they forge ahead into 2022 and beyond.

Included in this report are:

  • Benchmark statistics against best-in-class procurement teams.
  • Technology adoption plans as CPOs go “all in” on digital transformation.
  • An analysis of the value and opportunity in procurement data.
  • Recommendations to improve performance, strategic sourcing, and spend under management.
  • Top CPO challenges and hurdles within an immensely challenging business environment.

As the report summarizes, “the extraordinary impact that strong procurement results can have on operations and the bottom-line can help enterprises forge through difficult waters, ensuring continuity, driving resilience, and enabling recovery.”

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