Learn how Keelvar supports customers who are making the switch from an existing e-sourcing tool or first generation sourcing optimization product

Keelvar has been helping global customers across all industries migrate to our SaaS-based sourcing platform and bring advanced optimization and automation to a broad range of their spend categories. We know there are important considerations when making the switch from a standard e-sourcing tool or other sourcing optimization product.

Keelvar has proven experience in making that transition as smooth as possible. You can choose to start small, start sustainably, and first learn to apply the basics – and we can help you with broader rollouts too.

Download this data sheet that covers our on-boarding methodology as you make the e-sourcing switch:

  • Enabling a quick start to our products thanks to on-boarding services and usability features.
  • Ensuring suppliers easily adjust, thanks to our supplier-friendly user interface and flexible bidding options.
  • Leveraging our professional services and success team members who have long-standing experience supporting procurement teams.

Download the Switching Your E-Sourcing to Keelvar datasheet today