Extend the power of sourcing optimization to more spends, more buyers, more suppliers

Sourcing Optimizer is a SaaS-based software able to support the full spectrum of sourcing events, ranging from the simple to the highly complex. It surpasses first-generation sourcing optimization tools by focusing on ease-of-use, workflow automation, supplier engagement, and scale.

Download this datasheet to gain in-depth details about how Keelvar’s Sourcing Optimizer:

  • Facilitates a fast and efficient set up of any type of bid event -- from annual strategic eRFPs to routine eAuctions and down to higher-frequency spot bidding and mini tenders.
  • Allows suppliers to offer non-price bid considerations through flexible bidding and get feedback on their bid status to drive competition and quality.
  • Speeds and improves supplier award decision making by making it easy to compare award scenarios and find the optimal choice based on cost, value and risk.

Download the Sourcing Optimizer datasheet today