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Samsung Make 85% Time Savings by Replacing Excel

The global tech giant wanted to drive better outcomes for a spend category with a large volume of carriers, data, and many decision scenarios that need to be evaluated before awarding business.

How Samsung Drove Better Sourcing Outcomes

Prior to using Keelvar, Samsung’s RFPs were configured in Excel, and communications and supplier submissions were managed in individual employee inboxes. This manual, inefficient process couldn’t keep up with the complexity of such large, strategic logistics sourcing events and did little to enhance supplier relationships.

Samsung aimed to drive better outcomes for their logistics sourcing and transform their practices by seeking out an e-sourcing solution.

Samsung partnered with Keelvar and adopted Sourcing Optimizer, which saved 85% of time on their RFQs and provided powerful features such as automation of event set-up, validation of supplier offers, and instant scenario modeling for the best award decisions.

Keelvar's easy-to-use system allowed Samsung to launch their largest-ever ground freight event in just two weeks for $100 million in spend. With Sourcing Optimizer, Samsung has been able to focus on results instead of the process, providing greater visibility and bid status for suppliers.


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Samsung are now using Sourcing Optimization for more categories of spend, increasing cost savings and efficiencies for all their strategic sourcing.

“Keelvar makes processes that are complex, simple, so you can easily follow them, and you can easily go through the checkpoints, so you’re sure you’re not going to make a mistake. It’s like having a second pair of eyes checking everything you’re doing, but in a smart way that unlocks more value for strategic events.” - Radu Panciuc, Contracts & Innovation Manager at Samsung

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