"Going quick to market allows you to capture advantages whether that curve is trending up or that curve is trending down"

CJ Logistics America is a one-stop logistics solutions company that embarked on a digital transformation journey to empower their sourcing team, reduce their tactical burden, and enable them to execute events quickly and more frequently.

In conversation with Keelvar, Basil Weaver, Director of Supply Chain Solutions & Analytics, will offer insights into how CJ Logistics America revamped their processes using Keelvar’s technology platform that has led not just to revenue growth, but more value for their customers.

Gain insights into the dynamic market sourcing approach used by CJ Logistics America and learn:

  • How CJ Logistics America transformed their procurement processes, achieved operational efficiency, and reduced tactical firefighting
  • From stability to volatility—what caused market chaos and why traditional sourcing strategies are no longer effective.
  • How dynamic market sourcing is a new weapon to combat the market
  • Success tips for embedding a new sourcing strategy in your organization.