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Stanley Black & Decker Nail Sourcing Excellence

Stanley Black & Decker, a global leader in tools and security solutions, is leveraging Keelvar's sourcing technology to optimize their procurement processes across various business segments.

Stanley Black & Decker uses Keelvar for a wide range of sourcing events, encompassing categories such as indirect, commodities, logistics, and components.

The company recognized the need to move away from email and spreadsheet-based methods. By adopting Keelvar, they allocated a dedicated team to leverage the tool's capabilities, allowing their team to focus on engaging with suppliers and conveying precise requirements. This transition has enabled the company to improve efficiency by automating tasks that were previously time-consuming.

300 users

In Keelvar's platform

160 events

Using Sourcing Optimizer in the first year

Collaboration and Data Management

One of the key benefits that the company has gained from using Keelvar is that all interactions with suppliers occur within the tool, consolidating communication and data. This approach ensures that even after several years, the details of a sourcing event remain readily accessible, providing invaluable historical information for decision-making.

By streamlining the procurement process, from order submission to governance checks and supplier selection, Stanley Black & Decker has created a streamlined system that drives cost-efficiency and compliance.

Maximizing Automation's Potential

Stanley Black & Decker envisions a future where Keelvar's automation capabilities yield substantial dividends. In the logistics realm, the platform offers opportunities to optimize spot buys and address tail spend that often go unnoticed.

Additionally, the prospect of leveraging Autonomous Sourcing bots holds great promise for the future of the company, particularly in the MRO domain.

“In order to scale, I think the optimization of using the bots will be phenomenal. My mind just is going in 100 different places of where we can use it.” - Sheila Lopez, Sr. Manager Sourcing Analytics

Discover the impact that Keelvar has made on Stanley Black and Decker's sourcing processes in the video below:

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