Celebrating International Women In Engineering Day at Keelvar

June 23, 2021


On June 23, International Women in Engineering Day – an international awareness campaign that raises the profile of women in engineering and focuses attention on the career opportunities available in this exciting industry – celebrates its 8th year. 

To mark the occasion, we spoke to some of the phenomenal female tech talent who make up an integral part of our team at Keelvar about the reasons they chose engineering, and what they enjoy most about their roles:

“We are creating technology that has never existed before”

Stephanie Sheehan, Vice President of Engineering

After 20 years of writing code or managing people who do, I can safely say software engineering remains as challenging, creative, demanding and rewarding as it always has been. It has been a constant passion for me, beginning with my own curiosity and leading me to find my tribe and a lifetime of learning. 

“Software engineering in many ways, is still in its infancy. Today at Keelvar we are creating technology that has never existed before. Challenging ourselves to suspend what we know, in favour of what's possible, and that is an incredibly rewarding environment in which to spend your days!"

“I discovered a real passion for finding solutions and working with other engineers”

Gwen Burchell, Engineering Manager

“I began my engineering career as a 12-year-old writing Pascal in University College Cork at a Saturday morning coding club. From my first Hello World to more complex technical challenges, I discovered a real passion for finding solutions and working with other engineers.  

“Now, almost 20 years on, I have loved the different opportunities this career has opened up to me and the incredible people I have worked with in each different role. I've moved from working hands on with code, to coaching agile teams to managing engineering teams yet the creative problem solving I love is still part of my daily role.  

“Here are Keelvar we are pushing the boundaries of technology to build a more intelligent transformative procurement experience. It is a hugely exciting place to work and innovate.”

“It’s great to be able to build something and see it in action”

Katja Stucht, Software Engineer

“I decided to get into software engineering because I enjoy working on and solving new problems. The field is extremely fast-moving, which is a great opportunity to continuously learn new things. Additionally, computer science is now used almost everywhere which opens up the opportunity to work in a variety of roles and industries.

“I love having the opportunity to work on a huge variety of projects. Each new project brings a new set of challenges and opportunities to learn new things.

While it’s generally a very logic-driven field there’s also an aspect of creativity in creating software. It’s great to be able to build something and see it in action."

"I have always loved challenges and continuous learning”

Aliaa Badr, Software Engineer

"I have always loved challenges and continuous learning. Driven by my passion towards knowing more about how computers work and curiosity about software development, I decided to study Computer Engineering and I have never regretted this decision. 

“Engineering allowed me to analyze problems in a very detailed manner, which can be extremely useful in all aspects of life."

There is a place for everyone in engineering”

Deepthi Popuri, Customer Data Analyst

"The way the field of engineering has evolved fascinates me a lot. I am happy to have my career in engineering and technology as I get the chance to solve problems leveraging technology and my skill set. 

“There is a place for everyone in engineering and I would highly recommend women out there to give it a try and make the impossible possible."

“I love that on a daily basis I get to transform data into compelling stories”

Joy Kearney, Customer Data Analyst

“For as long as I can remember I have had a keen interest in maths and problem-solving. This continued throughout my early years in school. While studying for my Bachelor’s degree I had a lecturer who spoke of statistics as the gateway to informed and accurate storytelling. And thus began my journey to study Data Science & Analytics.

“I love that on a daily basis I get to transform data into compelling stories or help customers find solutions to their data problems.”

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