Why is Keelvar’s Solution Disruptive and Unique?

Alan Holland

April 6, 2022

This short post looks into what is unique about Keelvar’s clever procurement software and why it has the potential to be so disruptive.

Standard e-procurement tools streamline the document management process. They make information handling easier but don’t make information gathering better. When one considers that the procurement process itself may only cost 2% of the total spend, these tools are ignoring 98% of the real challenge, i.e. getting best value for money by asking the market more intelligent questions about opportunities for savings. This is where Keelvar is unique.

Keelvar has developed an innovative approach that focuses on the bigger picture and addresses the real and most substantial challenges of public procurement:

1. Improving Cost Efficiencies in a manner that is a win-win outcome whereby suppliers enjoy benefits also,

2. Facilitating SME access while balancing the need to capture economies of scale in a fair and transparent manner,

3. Allowing Implicit Collaboration across multiple contracting authorities via specifications that are locally controlled but offered in separate lots that still capture economies of scale,

4. Speeding up Evaluation.

Key Features

We now address the key features above that set us apart as a disrupting the public procurement space in more detail below.

Keelvar’s solution engineers an outcome that configures the supply base in a manner that generates cost efficiencies. This is achieved through communication of enhanced bid data that includes cost structures that span multiple line items or lots.

In short, we tackle the challenge of teasing out better value for money from market participants. Suppliers are offered the flexibility to describe attractive bundles of contracts that present synergies. In different spend categories, the pattern of bundles that complement each other differs. For example, in passenger transport suppliers would like to receive combinations of routes that minimise the time wasted between productive routes. So stripping out repositioning costs helps reduce waste and improve efficiencies. This can lead to a win-win outcome.

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