How Keelvar Ranks in Spend Matters’ Latest Sourcing Solution Map

Jennifer Sikora

April 6, 2022

Spend Matters published its Fall 2020 Solution Maps for various procurement categories on October 1. Within the Sourcing category, Keelvar is proud to announce its very favorable standing among solution providers, particularly against larger suite providers like Coupa and JAGGAER. This is further market validation of the value we deliver to our customers with our best-in-breed sourcing optimization and intelligent sourcing automation products.

But first to understand our rankings, it’s good to understand Spend Matters’ approach with its Solution Maps and how they assess the various solution providers as a fit based on their definitions for “persona” types of procurement organizations.

The six Spend Matters persona types:

  • NIMBLE -- organizations that are dynamic and results-focused, have limited IT department involvement, are risk-tolerant of new approaches and providers; and rapidly growing.
  • DEEP -- organizations that are highly sophisticated, rigorous, somewhat complex, risk-tolerant, and happy to push limits of tech to create more value. 
  • CONFIGURATOR -- organizations that are moderately to highly sophisticated and have unique process requirements driven by unique, often complex supply/value chains.
  • TURN-KEY -- organizations that are outcome-focused, take a TCO approach to implementations, and are often risk-averse and skeptical based on previous experiences.
  • CIO-FRIENDLY -- organizations with a strong IT backbone and high IT influence and investment for buying decisions, as well as maintain a big focus on security, standardization, control, and risk/compliance.
  • OPTIMIZER -- organizations that are large, complex, and/or sophisticated with truly strategic SCM and procurement functions which have reached all easily attainable improvements.

In addition to the personas, Spend Matters divides its solution maps into four quadrants: Emerging Contender, Solution Leader, Customer Leader, and Value Leader, based on combining their own analyst score with a customer reference score for each solution provider.

Keelvar’s highest ranking among the personas was in the Optimizer category. For both Optimizer and Nimble procurement organization personas, Keelvar was placed in the Value Leader quadrant, and ahead of providers Coupa and JAGGAER which also offer sourcing optimization technologies. 

Keelvar was ranked in the Customer Leader quadrants due to its high customer reference scores for the organization personas of Deep, Configurator, Turn-Key, and CIO-Friendly. Keelvar was often placed as having a higher customer reference score than Coupa and JAGGAER in these quadrants as well.

“Customer delivery, support and satisfaction have always been and remain a core value and focus for our team at Keelvar, and the recent Spend Matters Solution Map spanning available sourcing vendors indicates that we are recognized for that,” said Stephanie Sheehan, VP of Operations at Keelvar. 

From Keelvar’s CEO and founder Alan Holland: “The reason for starting Keelvar was that I knew there was a better way to help procurement teams optimize their sourcing and build efficiencies through intelligent automation and more modern usability approaches. We believe Keelvar is the leader among optimization-focused sourcing vendors in advancing our customers in that area and giving them a roadmap for automating key functions to add even more value.”

Keelvar is excited to give strategic sourcing teams a transparent look at our offerings. To get details from a Keelvar product expert and see a demo, please contact us here.

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