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Human+Machine Contest to Feature Keynote from Garry Kasparov

September 28, 2020

Jennifer Sikora

Keelvar’s intelligent sourcing bots are ready to compete. Our debut Human+Machine Contest on December 3rd will show how a Keelvar sourcing bot compares to an expert buyer of ocean freight as buying organizations submit spot bids to invited shipping carriers to win new pieces of business. The bot and buyer will each handle the bidding events, supplier interactions, and analysis -- and then present recommendations to the buying organizations about how to award the business. The buying organizations will blindly judge the recommendations (without knowing whether expert buyer or bot proposed it) and make their decision.

This event will be procurement’s re-imagining of the matchups in the mid-1990s between chessmaster Garry Kasparov and IBM’s Deep Blue computer. In 1996, in what became a symbolic victory for mankind over artificial intelligence, the 13th world chess champion Kasparov defeated Deep Blue. IBM responded by upgrading Deep Blue’s intelligence, and in 1997, the machine ultimately defeated Kasparov.

But unlike the Kasparov vs. Deep Blue contests that pitted human against machine, intelligent sourcing automation will be best realized by humans and machines working together to play to their strengths. Keelvar is pleased to feature Garry Kasparov himself as our contest’s halftime keynote speaker, as he delivers a presentation about The Future of Work in the context of digital and automation transformations. Garry Kasparov currently serves as the Chairman of the Human Rights Foundation.

Here’s a teaser video for his presentation, where he says, “Automation and AI is not a theory. It is here. Now. And it will allow us to do more creative work, to use our uniquely human qualities." Watch now:

If you haven’t signed up yet for the free Human+Machine Contest, you can RSVP here: https://contest.keelvar.com

Jennifer Sikora is Keelvar's vice president of marketing, bringing 20 years of technology-based go-to-market experience to her role, including a return to the procurement and sourcing solution arena. Connect with her on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifer-sikora-b1a389/

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