Keelvar Customer Grupo Nutresa Shares Their Optimization Journey

October 14, 2020

Sinead O Donovan
Access our webinar with Grupo Nutresa, "Sourcing Optimization - A Case for Modernization"

Celebrating 100 years in business in 2020, Grupo Nutresa N.A., headquartered in Colombia, is one of the most important food processing companies in Latin America, with 46,000 employees covering eight business units. Their supply chain involves 47 production plants and products distributed to 74 countries on 5 continents.

To support those global operations, their procurement team has been on a decade-plus journey in advancing their supplier and logistics decisions through the adoption of e-sourcing and optimization solutions. They plan to run 108 e-sourcing events in 2020 through their tools, ranging from large annual ocean sourcing events to smaller spot bids.

Keelvar is excited to co-present with their team in an upcoming JOC Webinar from IHS Markit. During this event on November 18, 2020, members of the Grupo Nutresa strategic sourcing team will describe their sourcing optimization experience and key things they’ve learned including:


  • The first spend categories where they applied sourcing optimization (and why)
  • How they leveraged positive results to get more spends under optimization, including logistics, packaging, ingredients, distributed services/MRO, and more
  • The organizational and business process changes involved
  • Examples of their business ROI
  • Their future plans to add sourcing automation


Keelvar is pleased to sponsor this event to showcase the transformation many procurement teams experience when they add sourcing optimization capabilities and as they further augment that with intelligent sourcing automation.

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