Keelvar & SAP Ariba Combine for More Spend Competitively Sourced


February 16, 2023

Have you heard the news? Keelvar just announced some big upgrades to our Sourcing Optimizer Connector available on the SAP Store to bring customers even more savings and speed in their sourcing projects.

Key to improving sourcing outcomes is having the right technology solution to support business requirements and goals. The partnership between Keelvar and SAP Ariba is already a powerhouse, but the latest upgrades make it even stronger.

Customers can now send their sourcing event data from SAP Ariba straight to Keelvar Sourcing Optimizer and conduct event creation, bid collection, optimization, and analysis all in one place. Plus, with the latest upgrades, customers can take extra information from the SAP Ariba Sourcing solution, send it back, and perform important actions all from the same platform.

"As a specialist sourcing software provider, Keelvar provides great depth of sourcing technology, while SAP Ariba solutions provide unrivaled breadth in its digitalized procurement capabilities” – Keelvar CEO, Alan Holland

The Keelvar Sourcing Optimizer Connector is perfect for sourcing events where optimization can lead to a higher ROI. Customers can use it to find new opportunities for savings and risk reduction through more competitive bidding and awarding.

Additionally, customers can benefit from newly enhanced features of Keelvar Sourcing Optimizer Connector, including the ability to perform key actions in SAP Ariba Sourcing:

  • Create line-items on event close in Keelvar
  • Populate bid data on event close in Keelvar
  • Award event based on allocations in Keelvar on event close
  • Synchronize updated suppliers and line-items from SAP Ariba Sourcing to Keelvar

How It Works

SAP Ariba is ideal for ensuring spends over certain thresholds are quickly strategically sourced. However, there are some advanced RFQs that require a different tool for the job. Keelvar’s Sourcing Optimizer seamlessly integrates with SAP Ariba, allowing users to choose the right tool for the job from within a familiar user interface.

As an SAP Application Extension Partner, Keelvar’s Sourcing Optimizer directly integrates with SAP Ariba via API. Data flows seamlessly from SAP Ariba Sourcing to Keelvar through this integration.

The Keelvar Sourcing Optimizer Connector first pulls item master data and suppliers from SAP Ariba Sourcing into Keelvar. Buyers trigger the desired sourcing event in SAP Ariba and then send it to Keelvar.

In Keelvar, the Ariba-initiated event is created and launched, bids are collectedand validated, cost models are built, and optimized award scenarios areanalyzed. The final award data is sent to SAP Ariba Contracting for downstreamprocessing. The final award data is sent to SAP Ariba for downstream processing.


By adding Keelvar Sourcing Optimizer alongside SAP Ariba, you gain an easy solution when you need more advanced features for collecting flexible supplier information and bids, cost modeling, and award scenario analysis with your spend stakeholders. Keelvar also offers an additional boost with our Autonomous Sourcing that drive efficiencies and best practice standardization for tactical spot buying.

For more information, visit the Keelvar Sourcing Optimizer Connector on the SAP Store, or speak with one of our experts today.

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