Keelvar's CEO to speak at ISM 2018

Alan Holland

April 6, 2022

Keelvar's CEO has been invited by Google's Bernd Huber and former Google Head of Procure to Pay, David Natoff, to speak about Artificial Intelligence and Strategic Sourcing at ISM 2018. Keelvar is a clear leader in the race to automate sourcing and this prestigious guest invite to speak at the world's leading supplier management conference is a testament to the significance of the technical achievements to date and also the significant changes that are imminent due to AI.This session will take participants through six key steps in strategic sourcing and demonstrate how two of those steps have already been automated — with the other stages not far behind. We argue that fully autonomous sourcing bots will achieve (1) better savings, (2) faster execution, (3) finer control and (4) improved data absorption and reasoning from third-party sources, resulting in a competitive advantage. We will offer a view on possible rollout strategies for enterprises that maximize impact and benefits.DATE: MAY 7, 2018TRACK: DIGITIZATIONEXPERIENCE LEVEL:MASTERYMASTERY MODEL COMPETENCY: SYSTEMS CAPABILITY AND TECHNOLOGY See for further details.

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