New Ardent Partners Report Gives 2021 Predictions

February 22, 2021


Download a complimentary copy of the 2022 report here

Against the backdrop of challenges that 2020 brought for the procurement industry, Chief Procurement Officers and their teams had to adapt and pivot their processes as part of their effort to build supply chain resilience.

This report published by Ardent Partners and sponsored by Keelvar explores some of the significant trends in procurement in recent years, and makes predictions for 2021 as businesses and the CPOs managing their procurement departments seek to optimize how work is done in the year ahead.

Highlights in this 15-page report:

  • 6 “big trends” including the continued impacts of the pandemic on procurement; shifting CPO focus; and priorities for technology and digitization.
  • 8 predictions for 2021 including where procurement can focus on having the most impact.
  • Opportunities for AI and smart automation in strategic sourcing.
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