Our Journey Continues: $24 Million Series B investment led by 83North

Alan Holland

May 20, 2022

Today's a big day for everyone at Keelvar. We are excited to announce that we've completed our Series B, a $24M round led by 83North. Our Series A investors Elephant, Mosaic and Paua also doubled down on their previous investments.

When Keelvar was founded, our ambition was to help procurement teams achieve win-win outcomes with suppliers by improving the quality of information shared in negotiations. This ambition has grown significantly since then, due in no small part to the incredible team members who have joined us over the last two years. The passion, enthusiasm, and innovative mindset have propelled growth faster than we could have wished for.

Keelvar is growing faster than ever. We'll use this capital to support our explosive growth, ensure that every one of our customers continues to be successful, and double down on our ambitious product vision.

The pace of change in supply chains is dizzying. For large companies sourcing goods, transportation and services, the key is to be fast at adapting to this ever-evolving environment. Keelvar helps large companies manage supply chains and their disruptions quickly. When we started building our Sourcing Automation solution, we couldn't have known how transformational it would be for so many companies that had struggled with the uncertainty and volatility of the past two years.

We've seen time and again that when suppliers are offered the opportunity to describe win-win opportunities, both sides in a negotiation can win. During fast-paced changes, it's essential to be able to capture these opportunities using technology-driven approaches that scale. Keelvar's mission is to scale sourcing excellence through intelligent sourcing software systems that drive win-win outcomes.

Many of the world's most innovative companies use Keelvar's sourcing software every day for sourcing goods and services across all major industries. We are proud to serve customers of the caliber of Siemens, Microsoft, Samsung, Nestle, Daimler and Coca-Cola. Their expertise, knowledge and insights have helped us become the company we are today. Their belief in us and continued expansion with us is heartening for everyone working at Keelvar. 

We have open roles in almost all areas of the business. Finally, this major milestone belongs to the entire team at Keelvar, whose dedication brought us to where we are today; our investors who continue to believe in us; and our customers who push and stretch us constantly, providing endless inspiration to build the product deserving of their trust.

Thank you!

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