Spend Matters reviews Keelvar

Alan Holland

April 6, 2022

Spend Matters (SM) are leading analysts in the eSourcing space with a keen eye for disruptive technologies that bring innovation and improvements to the field of procurement. With Jason Busch, Michael Lamoureux and Peter Smith leading their analyst team, SM provide the best coverage of sourcing optimization. Whilst this review was conducted several months ago; it still makes clear that Keelvar is unquestionably the most user-friendly advanced eSourcing tool on the market and is 'swashbucking its way' through the market with new customer wins.

But for the most up to date information on our product; you can catch up with all our most recent product release notes here:

Keelvar Release Notes, July.

Earlier this year Keelvar was listed as "One to Watch" and true to their word, they provided an insightful analysis for the PRO subscribers here:

 The overview, SWOT analysis and competitive landscape review makes it clear that Keelvar is the ideal solution for companies that a) wish to increase sourcing optimization usage or b) begin using optimization for the first time and need a tool that is intuitive. These are challenges faced by both large Enterprises that appreciate the huge value of optimization but also medium sized companies that wrestle with complex sourcing projects or, alternatively, try to support suppliers who wish to offer expressive bids that lead to win-win outcomes in events of low or moderate complexity.

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