Why Rudolph May Really Be an AI Bot


December 12, 2022

A strong team is the foundation of a successful business. And few teams are more reliable than Santa Claus and his mighty team of reindeer led by Rudolph.

But with the power to travel the entire globe in one single night at lightning speed, recalibrating and re-optimizing decisions along the way, it got us thinking: could Santa's most famous reindeer be an AI-powered Bot?

We all know Rudolph leads the sleigh. As a bot, it would automatically determine and then navigate exactly the best routes to take. But how does it know this?

Santa’s global toy delivery supply chain route is highly complex.He has lots of residences to visit across varied terrain and levels of accessibility. Rudolph Bot would gather and analyze all these data inputs to map out the most efficient course for drivingSanta from place to place.

And Rudolph Bot would need to make sure the tasks are completed quickly. Santa has only so many night-time hours in which to deliver the goods while he crosses time zones.Unplanned stops or unnecessary steps add delays!

Since Santa must traverse the whole globe, disruptions such as inclement weather conditions could throw plans for a loop.Rudolph Bot can quickly recalibrate and adapt to new inputs, re-optimizing decisions along the way to keep Santa on track.

The global population of children isn’t the same year to year. In fact our world’s population overall has grown since the year 2000 by over 1 billion people to currently 7.8 billion! Santa’s got a lot more toys to deliver, and Rudolph Bot can help him keep up.

Rudolph Bot plus Santa are a powerful combination in this story. By delegating the tedious, calculation-driven tasks to the intelligent system for automation, humans have more time to focus on what they do best: improving strategies, creative thinking, and building better relationships.

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