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Hands-on half day workshop with Keelvar bot architects and professional services to build automated workflows based on your specific use cases.


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Locations - Cork & Atlanta


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Keelvar Bot Architects

Learn best practices from Keelvar experts and your peers

These workshops are to help you quickly learn best practices in building automated workflows, to identify the best uses cases and to leave with bots already launched and executing these workflows.

We recommend to have two customers per workshop to learn best practices from what others are doing and problems they are looking to solve.

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Workshop Format:

10:00am - 2:30pm

- Introductions & workshop agenda and goals setting
- Identify three use cases
- Hands-on building of the automated workflows per use case
- Review and testing
- Best practices framework for self-service for future use cases

3:00pm (optional)

Workshop Dates & Locations

Friday 15 March
Cork, Keelvar office

Monday 15 April

Wednesday 17 April

Monday 29 April
Cork, Keelvar office

Friday 10 May
Cork, Keelvar office

Tuesday 18 June
Cork, Keelvar office

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What previous attendees said about our events

"Some of the main benefits and value I found from the event is the energy that is around it, and seeing how other people are using Keelvar. The connections are phenomenal."

Sheila Lopez, Sr. Manager Sourcing Analytics, Stanley Black & Decker

"It's been nice to get together with other customers of Keelvar and really understand where they are in their digital transformation journeys, as well as the best practices that they've been putting in place."

Jordan Zach, Senior Digital Technology Lead - Mars

"I definitely enjoyed the event. It was great to meet everybody that I've talked to from Keelvar, to see the product roadmap, and voice our opinions on some improvements we would like to see."

Derek Williams, Manager, Pricing & Supply Chain Analytics - ArcBest

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