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Intelligent Sourcing Automation

Boost productivity and scalability with Keelvar's Sourcing Bots.

Manage more events and more bidders. Respond faster to market changes. Improve quality and compliance. Keelvar’s AI-enabled “no code” Sourcing Bots build on our optimization platform to take on the detailed workload of tactical buying, freeing up your team to be more agile, strategic, and creative. Whatever your destination, these intelligent digital co-pilots will help you get there.

There is no question that automation will continue to transform procurement. Keelvar's customers use our sourcing automation to help handle increasing numbers of smaller, often reactive sourcing events as market and supply chain changes occur. Our Sourcing Bots leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and optimization to help teams offload the onerous, detailed event tasks that are better left to machines, while humans maintain full control and oversight.


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Keelvar’s no-code Intelligent Sourcing Bots are purpose-built for their assigned spend category and use AI and Machine Learning to improve over time.

The Bots leverage our Sourcing Optimizer platform to help buyers make the best possible decisions.

Our automation approach unlocks significant value and lowers total cost of ownership vs. other methods.

Product Highlights


With our use of AI/ML, the technology is designed to get smarter with use. Keelvar Sourcing Bots identify patterns in your past events to better understand your sourcing process and preferences, becoming an extension of your team.


The Sourcing Bots trigger and configure events, open and close rounds, and identify optimal award scenarios for you to review. With the bots handling up to 90% of the event tactical workload, your team is more agile and strategically focused.


Automation helps eliminate manual data management and ensures all bids and negotiations are recorded. This leads to better adherence to policy, enhanced traceability, improved demand forecasting, and business risk.

Example Tasks Handled By Our Sourcing Bots

Look up the requested good/service rate card

Seek the nearest alternative if the requested item or lane is unavailable

Generate a request summary for category managers

Message category managers

Determine invited suppliers

Message invited suppliers with invites and reminders

Validate bid data to improve quality and competitiveness

Open and close rounds with autopilot

Evaluate scenarios to generate award recommendation

Generate an award summary

Update the rate card upon award

Message awarded and losing suppliers

Message the original requester

As The Coca-Cola Company has been one of the early adopters of this AI Ocean Sourcing Solution with Keelvar, I can honestly say it's been groundbreaking for us in the Coca-Cola System. We now have a structured digital solution to manage all our "Off Tender" requests, removing 100s of emails from our inboxes on a weekly basis. We are very much looking forward to a full roll out across our system in 2021.

Alan Smith
Logistics Procurement Manager EMEA (CEPG)
The Coca-Cola Company


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