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Sourcing Automation

API-driven Intelligent Sourcing Automation

Build an agile enterprise where a Center of Excellence is equipped with a team of bots to run tactical buying, while you maintain full control and oversight.

Suitable for

Time consuming or labor intensive categories
Frequent or predictable processes
Data intensive events
Sourcing activities influenced by market conditions


Automate your sourcing process with easily customizable Sourcing Bots. Examples of categories include MRO, Air Freight, Packaging, Engineering services and IT contractors.

Expect fast execution of events with increased competitive tension, without compromising quality or cost trade offs.

Utilize Scenario Analysis based on your business goals and past events. Integrate Sourcing Bots with external systems to trigger events based on market conditions or low stock levels.

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The Sourcing Bots are ready to compete. Visit The Human+Machine Contest for the full details.


In Level 5 Sourcing Automation, patterns in your past events are identified using Machine Learning to refine the Sourcing Bots' understanding of your strategic sourcing process.


The bots trigger and configure events, open & close rounds & identify optimal award scenarios for huge cost savings. Increased efficiency of events moves your focus to strategic sourcing.


Automated checks eliminate manual data management, guaranteeing full adherence to policy. Sourcing Bots enhance auditability and transparency, mitigating risk.

Get Billed for What You Use

Keelvar has created a unique billing concept where companies are billed for Bot Actions, i.e. the work the Sourcing Bot has done.

A Bot Action is composed of a set of tasks that would otherwise be conducted manually. A typical Auction or RfQ may be comprised of 8-20 Bot Actions depending on how complex the process may be.

Examples of Billable Bot Actions are:

Looking up the requested good/service rate card

Seeking nearest alternatives to the requested item if exact match isn’t present

Generate correct lane scope by looking up the liner country list

Generate a request summary for category managers

Message category managers

Determine invited suppliers

Message invited suppliers with invites / reminders

If all eligible suppliers have bid, message the category managers

Autopilot round opening/closing

Evaluate scenarios (including non cost objectives) to generate award recommendation

Generate an award summary for category managers

On award, update the rate card

Message the awarded and losing suppliers

Message the original requester

Move Forward with the world’s fastest growing strategic sourcing platform and transform your sourcing process today.
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Protecting your data is Keelvar’s priority

Strict conformance with EU standards on data privacy

Data encrypted at rest & in transport to 256-bit AES Standard

Amazon Web Services [ EU (Ireland) - eu-west-1 ]

99.999% average yearly uptime record

Public key infrastructure options for enterprise customers

Your Solution

Keelvar designs the appropriate package for your requirements.

SaaS or Project based.

Self Service or Managed Events.

Training/ Enablement Package suited to your team.

Tutorial videos and materials for Users and Bidders.

Unlimited in-app assistance from Keelvar Support team.

Integrations with external systems.

Keelvar offers three products

Achieve unmatched efficiency

Move Forward with the world’s fastest growing strategic sourcing platform and transform your sourcing process today.
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